Specialized Service Supplier
Duenner provides specialized services to insure precise surfacing, cutting and expedient processing of material orders at our processing center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Featuring large Waterjet cutting tables and DIAMONDIZED Metal™ surfacing equipment, DSC provides accurate high speed water jet cutting and a unique plate processing service of DIAMONDIZED METAL™ surface finishing, The only machine of its kind in the world, today, large pate can be shaved by diamond cutting edges to close tolerances.


Specialized Equipment
FLOW Mach 4 Waterjet
The Mach 4 Series waterjet cutting system features FLOW’s newest Dynamic Waterjet technology with Advanced Beveling and 3D capabilities. The Dynamic Waterjet XD provides up to 60 degrees of motion. This new technology eliminates taper and produces parts with tight tolerance. No other system in the world compares.

FLOW’s FlowMaster software is an extremely powerful integrated data base of cutting parameters for virtually any material and thickness. Any sstandard drawing format(dxf,iges,etc.) can be seamlessly imported or created with the built-in CAD functionality.

This equipment is world renowned and used principally in processing plate sheets for customers requiring close tolerances in plate thickness.


Duenner Supply Company, Inc. is a leading Distributor of brass, naval brass, copper alloy castings, copper plate, aluminum bronze, brass plate, bearing bronze, and castings in copper alloy to manufacturing industries.

Duenner works directly with MKM, Hettstedt Germany, a prominent European manufacturer of copper and brass and, semi-finished material from copper and copper alloys. MKM is considered Number One in the industry compliant to worldwide standards.

Naval Brass, C46400
Aluminum Bronze, C61300
Aluminum Bronze, C61400
Aluminum Bronze, C63000
Copper Nickel 90-10, C70600
Copper Nickel 70-30, C71500
Copper Bus Bar, Sheet, Plate
Specialized Services
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